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When you're running a business, it's easy to put your own wellbeing at the end of your long to-do list (if it even makes it onto the list at all!). 

But when you're busy, stressed, and overwhelmed, that's not only a quick road to burnout for you personally, but your business will suffer. 

With Elevate's unique blend of 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, and

on-demand online content, over 12 weeks you'll learn evidence-based practices to:

Set goals and create the right mindset to achieve them

Manage stress and anxiety

Create daily habits that support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing

Shift from a state of overwhelm to one where you can think creatively and solve problems

Improve interpersonal skills and conflict resolution


Improve your self-esteem

Create more clarity, connection, and joy, in your life and your business



Roxie started being kinder to herself, moved to a 3-day work week, and ditched social media to spend more time with her daughter, her friends, and doing things for herself like going for nature walks and journalling.

Bex decided not to renew one of her biggest contracts, because it's work that she hasn't enjoyed, got clarity on the direction she wants her business to go in, and has started taking steps to make it happen. She also felt well-resourced to deal with 2 major, stressful events that happened in her family during our 12 weeks together, and said that she didn't think she'd have coped without the tools and strategies she'd been learning.

Carrie realised that she needs to be intentional about how she spends her time, in her business and her life. She got clarity on the things that are important to her, and makes time for herself to meditate and journal every morning (and her kids have learnt it's important time for mum and if they're up early they can either leave her alone until she's finished, or they can meditate with her). She also had her best quarter ever, with an increase of over 400% on her previous best quarterly sales figure.


If you need tools and support to figure out what YOU want, and how to integrate routines, habits, and strategies that will help you get there - in your business and your life - WITHOUT the hustle, overwhelm, and burnout, Elevate could be just right for you!

Starts February 2023

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