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Yoga has, without any shadow of a doubt, changed my life for the better. I am endlessly curious about my own mind and body, and the world around me, and yoga gives me a framework to understand it all.


My yoga practice has helped with my anxiety. Sure, it still rears its head now and again, particularly when I’ve got a lot going on in my life, but not only is it so much less than it used to be, but I see it and recognise it, and know what I need to do to move forward instead of feeling stuck and helpless.


Yoga has helped me to deal with challenges – difficult people and relationships; stressful situations; the daily challenges of parenting and working and trying to do it all. The practice of yoga gives me a blueprint to move through all of life’s ups and downs – the good, the bad and the messy! - with equanimity and grace.


Woman doing yoga on the beach

Yoga has brought me to a place of loving and accepting myself – my mind, my body, my ever-changing emotions. All of my SELF. It has helped me to be more peaceful and content. To let shit go. To be kind. To give the benefit of the doubt without compromising my self-worth. To make better choices. And, perhaps most importantly of all, to be more present. I'm incredibly grateful not only to have reaped the benefits of yoga in my own life, but to get to share these teachings with others and help them find out how easy it can be to start bringing yoga into everyday life. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. See you on the mat!

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