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Workplace wellbeing is an important consideration for all employers - looking after your staff not only shows them that you care about them, but can impact productivity and profit! A well-designed, measurable, workplace wellbeing programme for your people can:

Increase resilience and coping skills

Increase job satisfaction

Improve focus and concentration

Improve creativity, problem-solving skills and decision-making 

Improve interpersonal skills and conflict resolution


Decrease anxiety and stress levels

Decrease staff churn, absenteeism and presenteeism

Increase profit





What does it cost you to lose a staff member? Lost productivity and low engagement before they decide to leave, plus the cost of recruiting and onboarding someone new - studies show that replacing a staff member could cost you anywhere from 30% (for an entry-level employee) to a whopping 400% (for top-tier managers) of their annual salary.

Creating an awesome workplace culture, and giving your staff the tools for greater resilience and wellbeing, is one of the smartest moves you can make right now. In a market where there are more job vacancies than quality staff wanting to fill them, Friday night drinks and $100 towards a gym memberhsip simply won't cut it anymore.


I specialise in helping small and medium sized organisations support their people, because a happy, healthy, well-resourced team is a productive team. If you want to find out more about how a measurable wellbeing programme can give you great ROI, I'd love to give you a FREE audit and show you what you need to do to retain great staff and be an employer of choice.

From one-off workshops and presentations, to 3, 6, and 12 month programmes, I work with your business to create a bespoke solution that will help make you an employer of choice in today's market.


FROM $700+GST (1.5 hr workshop)

No matter where you're based, if a happier, healthier team sounds good to you, let's discuss your requirements today!

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