The TRIBE Warrior was developed to deliver grip, comfort and durability while remaining lightweight enough to take your yoga wherever you go. Tough like a warrior, the top surface is made from a new, high density TPE that is super grippy using a SmartGrip texture to keep your hands and feet firmly in place even if you work up a light sweat. This durable upper layer stabilizes the base layer which is made from a softer TPE that is designed to ensure you have enough cushioning for ultimate comfort while keeping the weight of the mat as low as possible. You'll be hard pressed to find another mat that offers all of these qualities and is 6mm thick.

TRIBE Warrior Yoga Mat

  • • 1825 x 610mm wide
    • Lightweight at 1.8kg
    • 6mm thick for maximum comfort
    • SmartGrip texture for ultimate grip
    • Suitable for all styles of yoga
    • Easy to keep clean

  • Mix water and vinegar 1:20 ratio in a stray bottle and add some essential oil to make it smell nice. Just a few drops. Spray the mat down from time to time and wipe with a cleaning cloth and allow to dry before rolling up or hanging to dry.

    Do not put sharp objects onto the back side of the mat as they can leave permanent indentations.

    Store the mat either rolled or hang it over a rail away from direct sunlight. If you store it unrolled you get no edge curl on the mat.



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