Try my online yoga and Pilates classes in the comfort of your own lounge! Access for 2 consecutive weeks means you can try 4 yoga and 4 Pilates classes - 8 classes in total.


Classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners, with unpretentious, clear instruction from an experienced instructor. Improve your physical strength and mobility, while building emotional resilience and learning to be calmer and better able to cope with the challenges life offers.



Mon 9am Yoga

Mon 6pm Pilates

Wed 9am Yoga

Fri 9am Pilates

Each yoga replay is available until the next yoga class, and each Pilates replay is available until the next Pilates class, so you always have 2 classes available on demand - accessible, achievable practices that fit your body, and your life.

2 Week Trial - Lounge Livestreams

  • This offer is a trial for new students, and cannot be purchased on an ongoing basis. One per person only.



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