August 9, 2017

I've been on what seems like an eternal quest for the perfect cracker recipe, and I think I've finally found it! At a recent teacher training that I attended, I was having a conversation with another yoga teacher about this very problem, and she said, "I have the perfect recipe from my friend Stella. I'll send it to you". I have to admit, I was sceptical. I have tried at least ten different recipes over the last year or so, and while a few of them have been fairly good, not a single one has passed muster with the 9-yr-old. And since he can easily scoff most of a packet of rice crackers with a tub of hummus for afternoon tea, I really wanted to find a recipe that had amazing nutritional value AND passed the taste test of my bigge...

May 9, 2017

I had a lot of things to do today - after walking my son to school I had a 9.15am phone meeting planned and my day was pretty well scheduled from there. A haircut, taking my car in to get the tyres rotated, going to the bank to sort some stuff out, home to do some healthy lunchbox baking - all of these exciting, adult-y things, and more, were on my to-do list for the day, which is always a big one on Tuesdays as it's the one day that I don't teach any classes during the daytime. But wouldn't you know it, my mini-me is under the weather, coughing and snuffly and with a temperature to top things off.

With a kid that needs to be in bed today, and a bunch of stuff to do that involves being out and about, my sighs of frustration could...

April 15, 2017

Try this - concentrate on your breath, and only your breath, for one full breath – from the moment you begin your inhale, to the moment before your next inhale begins. Notice how other thoughts try to crowd in, even in that short space of time, but instead of getting caught up in those thoughts, stay with the breath. Don’t try to empty the mind (good luck with that!), don’t get frustrated about the other thoughts that keep popping up, but instead gently turn your attention back to the breath each time you notice that you’ve wandered off. That, in a nutshell, is mindfulness. If you managed one breath, try two. Then three. If you can keep your attention on your breath for three full breaths, without allowing yourself to be distrac...

April 15, 2017

We hear a lot in yoga that we should have a daily home practice - so what, exactly, does this mean? A daily practice is a self-driven practice, as opposed to attending a class. The very idea of it can be off-putting for many, as it conjures up images of spending an hour or so on the mat, and it’s easy to think “I don’t have time for that!”. You might also be deterred by believing that you lack the right equipment, or simply that you don’t have enough experience to practice without some guidance.

Here’s some good news for you – a daily practice can be as little as a few minutes, or as long as you want it to be. The benefits come from the commitment of practicing daily, and of taking that time to focus inward, to set an i...

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